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Design Department

The Design department of Revital Events offers a wide range of design theme options to help make your event stylish, beautiful, and unique.

Whatever style of event you have in mind, the design team can organize the styling of the Chupah (where relevant!), the table centre-pieces and the overall ‘look and feel’ of your event.

As a distinct department of the company, the design team can also help with styling for events that we are not producing. We can help with the visual branding for all kinds of business and private events.

The department is led by our chief designer, Shenhav Beer, who brings to the design of each event a wonderful combination of beauty and character, creating the perfect setting for your special day.

Flower Stand

At the entrance to the hall, at the opening reception of your event, you will find a beautiful fresh flower stand. This colorful display is designed by our team of professional florists to match the style and theme of your event.

Chupa design

After many preparations, you are about to enter the most exciting moment of
your life, and begin marching towards the Chuppah. In these exciting times the
eyes of all guests are situated towards you and the Chuppah. How will the
Chuppah look like? Who can assure you it will match your style and vision? Each
couple has their unique flavor. The Chupppah design carries much importance
besides the spiritual aspect of the ceremony itself, which is of course the climax
of the evening.
Some event organizers and ceremony halls include a basic Chuppah in their
package. Our design team will upgrade the basic Chuppah supplied by your hall
and customize it according to your chosen design style. If you decided to forego
the basic Chuppah supplied and dream of one originally designed, our team will
customize it according to your taste, style, and budget. A unique structure,
specially chosen materials aligned with the event style and colors, flower
arrangements designed in accordance with the wedding style, while always fitting
to the design of the event site. You could choose to add lighting and decorative

cords to brighten up the Chuppah and provide a respectable and ceremonious
look and feel.
The Path to the Chuppah
A high-quality white carpet with the option to decorate with light posts at varying
heights and styles integrated with flowers designed in accordance with the event
theme. The path could also be designed only with petals to provide a more
elegant look, and decorate the chairs which form the path with a small and
elegant flower design.
It’s important for us that your experience of entering the Chuppah will exceed
your expectations and go with you long after the Chuppah will be behind you).

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