Client Comments

"We were very fortunate to have Revital-Rina plan our wedding at Ronit-Farm. She and her team are very thorough and tenacious and are well connected to a strong assortment of top quality Simcha providers such as bands, caterers and photographers. Thank you, Revital-Rina, Samantha & Richard.”

"Dear Revital
Thank you for planning so professionally my son's Bar Mitzvah in Jerusalem.
It was amazing! The service, the design, the attentions to details, the speeches which you helped us writing and the presentation your office made for us, everything was to my satisfaction!
The combination of flowers and balloons was perfect and magnificent!
I warmly recommend to everyone to hire you and your team! From Tomer my son-the Bar
Mitzvah boy, and the entire Avieli family."

"On March 8th- 2017, we celebrated a Bat Mitzvah for our daughter Kesem-Noam at Ahuzat Yam in Rishon Le-Tsion. The event was very lavish but something unique was still missing. Something which would impress the guests already at the entrance and provide a distinctive flavor to the evening. We found our answer with the flowers-stand service provided by "Revital Events". Our guests loved it and enjoyed the various arrangements which the flowers-stand provided them with.
Kesem-Noam and us, the parents, are grateful to you, Revital-Rina, for the unique flavor which you brought to our event. The qualified flower arrangement team was attentive and the vibrant flowers-stand attracted lots of attention.
With lots of gratitude, Kesem-Noam and the parents Moran & Igal Cohen."

"For the organization of our son's wedding, the first person who came to mind was Revital-Rina.
Dynamic, professional and inveterate optimist (essential quality in the difficult moments that preparations for a big event can cause!). She was able to remain positive and made all our worries fade away.
Her boundless devotion and her desire to satisfy us led her to work day and night to make our event perfect.
Mission accomplished: our son's wedding was just perfect! "

"Dear Revital-Rina,
While seeking out original ideas for the Bat-Mitzvah of our eldest Hallel, we were recommended to try out “Revital Events” and integrate a flower arrangement stand at the reception. All entering guests could choose a hair bow, bracelet, boutonniere, hair pin, all entwined with bright and lively flowers. The colorful stand stimulated the entire event! We made the best choice to make Hallel and her friends happy.
Slowly but surely the event filled up with decorative guests and flowers.
Thank you Revital-Rina for the amazing flower stand, all organized with your great talent and unique glow!
We look forward to invite you to weave at Avigail’s Bat Mitzvah in one year B”H.
We received a recommendation, implemented, and now we are the ones doing the recommending to others!
With great blessings and appreciation, Cohen Family."

"So lucky to have you on our wedding day, as the planner of "The Day of the Wedding", celebrating and orginazing this magical day with us. Thank you for being such an amazing person! Highly recommended!"

"We recently celebrated my son's Bar Mitzvah in Israel. We had the most incredible five days which was made possible by our event planner Revital-Rina Azulay and her team. Revital-Rina is efficient, professional kind and warm and she really went the extra mile for us. Nothing was too much trouble and her attention to detail, creative ideas and execution of it all was extraordinary. Having Revital-Rina with us ensured that our Simcha was stress free and has given us wonderful memories. I highly recommend her if you are planning a Simcha in Israel."

"Dear Revital-Rina, I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful wedding planner than you. So dedicated that it was obvious in each step of the way that you do everything with full devotion and passion. In every conversation, every invitation, I knew that you are doing your best, and I could stay relaxed and stress-free. You planned everything professionally, efficiently, and with love. I wish for you to organize many more perfect weddings for more happy couples. Love, Penina."

"Dear Revital-Rina, I am writing to thank you very much for your investment of strength and much love which you have put in planning the "HALAKE" of our son Aaron in Tiberias at Rabbi Meyir Baal Hanes, follow by a wonderful celebration on the shore of the Sea of Galilee (The Kineret). Everything was perfect. You are excellent in your work. May Hashen continues to protect you and quickly sends you everything you deserve. I wish you all the best in the world and especially thank you very much for making this event magical."

"Dear Revital Thank you so much for all the effort that you made in planning our wedding. We are both very great full, and everyone we speak with said they really enjoyed the wedding and it was a big success. We really appreciate the big love and effort that you gave to us. With love, Rebecca and Barak."

"Our dearest Revital-Rina, we cannot thank you enough for turning the vision of our son Henry’s Bar Mitzvah into a reality. From the day we met we were totally confident that with your attention to detail and dedication in making everything perfect you would create a memory that we and our guests would treasure for the rest of our lives. "Genesis" was a fantastic venue to start our festivities, even the camels behaved! The coach Company that you used was always prompt. Everything at The KOTEL went according to plan except the emotional tears!! There was not a dry eye amongst our 55 guests. The Mamilla Rooftop Restaurant was truly amazing nothing was too much trouble and you clearly have a fantastic working relationship with them. The Memorial Service at Har Adar was as special as we planned. You worked tirelessly to arrange and liaise with the Army, Dignitaries & the local Government Offices. We have the most special wonderful memories and words cannot thank you enough. I am so looking forward to planning Georges with your valued help. You are one special lady. With much love, Alison xxx."

It was a pleasure to work with you planning Meron’s Bar Mitzvah. You had great ideas, attention to details and you really understood my family’s needs. We look forward to working with you on the next Simcha. On that note, we need some ideas for Temira’s Bat Mitzvah coming up in few months! Jodi & Gavin Samuel, NYC / Jerusalem

"Having moved to Israel, not quite having a full grasp of the Hebrew language and with my family spread across the globe, we engaged Revital to help organise my wedding. It was one of the best decisions that we could have made for our special day. From our very first meeting, she stepped right in and helped to negotiate the best deals with all of the vendors, was there to give things a push when they needed and provided new ideas and suggestions that we never would have thought of. On the day of the wedding, she was always on hand, arriving at the venue early in the morning and did not leave until after all the guests had left and the venue had packed up, making sure that everything ran smoothly and alleviating stress from the day. Revital was a true asset to our team and we very much appreciate all of her hard work and effort during the 8 months of wedding preparations, not to mention across multiple time zones, to make our wedding a success."

Dear Revital, we made no mistake when we picked you to be our wedding planner. Thanks to you everything went smoothly. Thank you for thinking of all the administrative and logistic details I did not even imagine were important. Thank you for dealing with all details, running all around for us and never counting your time. Also thank you for being customer-oriented, open minded and always following our tastes and choices, being able to adapt to every type of client is a great quality. Thanks to your hard work, we really felt our wedding looked like us (Ashke-sephardic Parisians who love Israel and TLV in particular). Thank you for making it happen and keep up the good work

"To Revital, the event planner, Thank you for your great support in producing the Bat-Mitzvah. I really enjoyed my Bat Mitzvah, the venue, and the program. As a girl who loves animals, it was really fun riding on camels and herding the sheep & goats, and the place and views were amazing. Thanks for your attention to details and great suggestions. You promoted and supported us until the day of the fun event arrived, and of course you joined us on the day to make sure everything ticked according to plan. With much appreciation, Eliya and the family."

Thank you so much for all the help, guidance and support in organizing our wedding. We felt your dedication and considerable care, and were content knowing you are always around for anything we need. Beyond your professional knowledge, we felt your passion and emotional investment which made sure the most important evening in our lives will also be the most amazing and memorable evening! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Naomi and Avi Rotlevi."

"I am so incredibly happy to know Revital. Thank you so much for organizing my son's Bar Mitzvah. I wouldn't be able to do it on my own. She is an amazing, thoughtful, patient and very creative person. My family and I are so grateful for all the hard work she put into our event. She's been so patient during 8 month I worked with her. She has helped me with the tiniest details that I wouldn't even think of. Her team is fantastic and very reliable! She's been a huge help. Thank you so much for all your hard work. You made my son's dream come true. Can't wait to plan another event with her. Roza and Boris, New York."

"Dear Revital, Many thanks for organizing my daughter's Bat Mitzvah in Israel and also for planning the trip to Tiberias during the week of the celebration for the whole family that came from London. We learned a lot about our history on that trip. One of our great surprises in Tiberias was the boat that welcomed us at the Decks-Restaurant which extended out over the Sea of Galilee (Lake Kinneret). This was amazing and touching. The whole week was nothing short than excellent in every way and it was everything my daughter had dreamed about. You chose the right music entertainment and the right person to compose the personal song that my daughter sang to all the participates followed by a unique dance that was taught to her by your excellent team. Thank you for putting so much time, energy and heart into our Simcha. Over the years you and your team have organized several parties for the family (Bat mitzvah , Wedding, Shabbat Kalah, Hachnasat Sefer Torah and a day trip to the north of Israel), all with excellent results. Your passion drives you and your attention to details leaves nothing undone. You are professional in your work and treat every party as if it is your own. Thank you for all the hours of pleasure and thank you for all the stress-free parties."

"Our wedding would simply not have been the same without Revital! We are so grateful for all her work, understanding and patience during the 10 months we worked with her. She was an indispensable resource and has an amazing team of great professionals. She has helped us with both central points of the organization as well as small details and even found us our amazing rabbi a few days before the wedding when things didn’t turn out as we expected. We keep great memories and they were all captured by the great photographs she recommended. You might meet a wedding planner but you will end up with a new friend."

"By the time someone referred Revital to us, I had already chosen my vendors and design and flowers for the wedding. We decided to hire her to help us on the day of the wedding, and we are SO happy that we did! The minute we started working with her, she took so much out of my hands, and gave me 1001 less things to coordinate and worry about. She took over the job of chasing the vendors, all the phone calls, and all of the schedule planning for the day of the wedding. I am a very organized person, but there is no way we could have done this without her. She lit fires under all of the tushes that needed to be pushed, (and in Israel, everyone needs to be pushed!) she was in constant contact with the vendors, and the managers of our venue to make sure all went smoothly. She is full of positive energy, and she gets it all done! She is also such a sweet person, a pleasure to work with. We could not have done this without her…or at least, we would have been married, but probably the wedding would have been a balagan. Hire her! You won't be sorry."

"Revital was an integral part of our wedding planning process. She worked together with my mum and my husband’s mum to plan the wedding as well as planning my Shabbat Kalah in Daniel hotel in Hertzelya with more than 100 guests from London. Revital helped to make our wedding planning process stress free and really made the whole week of our wedding a dream come true! She is organized and made sure all details were taken care of. I couldn't have asked for a better wedding planner. I highly recommend her to everyone and I think all brides need a wedding planner so you can be relax in your wedding, without worrying about a thing!!!"

"After scouring Israel from abroad, looking for a wedding photographer, we realized that our one call to Revital should have been our first step. Not only did Revital immediately provide her photography team, she contacted them on our behalf to check their availability. She was also an amazing go-between for us from pre-wedding arrangements to the wedding itself to post-wedding albums and videos, such as making suggestions, gathering family for photos and reminding us to choose songs for the video. Additionally, yes there is more, in the wee hours of the morning, right after our reception, Revital accompanied us and the photography crew to the Old City. She even arranged for the onlookers to beautifully serenade us as we walked by. After seeing our proofs and video, we realized that Revital does floral arrangements as well."

"Dear Revi, A big thank you for all your assistance to ensure our day was extra special and magical. Thank you for your time, effort and energy that you put into making our day as magnificent as it was. You are exceptional at what you do and we wish you much success in your future endeavors. Thanks for everything, Neshikot."

"Revital has been an amazing hostess for our family during our recent visit. Prior to our arrival we worked closely with Revital on an extremely aggressive itinerary. With her deep knowledge of the country and the region she was able to help us fit in everything we wanted to do during our short visit. The only reason our trip worked out so smoothly was because Revital has prepared every single detail for the entire trip. The driver she works with was waiting for us at each of our stops and helped us to get to our next destination smoothly. The family she had us visit while in Jerusalem offered us an intimate experience that could not be possible other than through someone who has experienced the rebirth of the city personally. Revital was there every step of the way for us. She met us at our arrival and had a local cell phone set up for us with all the local contacts we ever needed programmed into the phone. She reached out to us to make sure every hand off was made smoothly. Israel is a splendid country and hosts like Revital truly make the country welcoming to first time visitors like our family. We are coming back to see you soon, Retival. Thanks much!"

"Revital-Rina is simply a force of nature. As the Young Leadership Liaison of American Friends of Likud she used her boundless energy and outgoing personality to help create a thriving Young Leadership program. Primarily due to Revi's efforts over the last two years, AFL YL has regular monthly events which draw nearly 75 people each time. This is a credit to the professionalism and care with which Revital-Rina places on every single event and even more so, every single person who attends. Our YLs have often commented that they love attending AFL YL events because of the obvious care and concern Revital places on every detail to ensure a successful event."

"It is with great pleasure that I write this letter about Ms. Revital-Rina Azulay, who I have known for several years and have always been impressed with her 'people skills'. Revital-Rina was clearly an asset to our organization. She imbued charisma, charm and personality. A person who has her character and traits is exactly what any organization seeks and will become a strong asset of that group. She is embarking on a new venture in party planning in Israel. What a perfect match! With her energy and vigor, she is bound to make a great success of this new venture. I wish her the very best of luck."